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My name is Selina and I am a Canadian-born illustrator living in Glasgow, Scotland. I live in a tiny, plant-filled flat with my partner Chris and our little Corgi-bean, Huxley. This is where I spend my time creating illustrations, running my online shop, packaging wholesale orders and sharing my process on YouTube.

Currently, the materials I’m using for illustrating mostly include gouache, coloured pencils and wax pastels - although I have been enjoying experimenting with the Procreate App too. My illustrations are most often inspired by the flora and fauna of Scotland. Spending time exploring nature is my favourite place to be and I always feel happy and ready to create after a good walk! I also really love folklore and am currently working on a personal project inspired by Scottish folk tales, which I can’t wait to share more of! As well as a collab with Chris about a little fox called Gerald who lives in London.

If you’re interested in licensing my artwork, sharing my products with your customers, or would simply like to get in touch please click here. I’d love to hear from you!

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Want to see more?

You can find more of my work on Instagram:

Or see what my day-to-day is like on YouTube, where I’m sharing studio vlogs about my experience as an illustrator and having a wholesale business. And all the doggos, because they make my soul happy 💛